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If you were to design a bread machine...

If you were to design a bread machine...

Submitted by JustJoel on January 4, 2018 - 10:20am.

I really love my bread machine. No, seriously! I whisper sweet nothings into its vent while it’s kneading my pain au lait. But I have noticed some shortcomings. Nothing big enough to toss the machine; I don’t have room in my kitchen for my stand mixer, arthritis keeps me from prolonged kneading, and the food processor just seems inelegant; I don’t want to kill the dough, just mix and knead it!

Here are the things I would include were I designing a bread machine:

  • An internal light. I have to keep a flashlight near the machine so I can check the dough without opening the lid
  • A larger, backlit display
  • A programmable dough cycle. Using the mix cycle and turning the machine on and off is a PITA
  • Bluetooth or WiFi, and an app, so I can program and control the machine remotely (as in - from my throne in the living room!)
  • Larger, less cryptic icons to display the progression of the cycle. I have no idea what a tiny little square with clouds coming out of it means!
  • A display that gives the remaining time for each step in the cycle, as well as one showing the remaining time for the entire cycle. 
  • A ”beep” in the dough cycle to indicate when to add extra ingredient. All the other cycles on my machine have it, why not the dough cycle?

How would you design a bread machine?

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